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International Network for Barcoding Invasive and Pest Species (INBIPS)

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INBIPS is an informal network on Invasive and Pest Species that will act as:

a clearinghouse of information concerning organizations, initiatives, and species lists concerned with invasive and pest species,
a forum for interactions among initiatives on invasive and pest species, and
a catalyst for the formation of barcoding projects on invasive and pest species

Specialists on invasive alien species (IAS) were well-represented at the First International Barcode Conference in London. In response to their urging following that meeting, CBOL formed INBIPS, the International Network for Barcoding Invasive and Pest Species. INBIPS is an informal network of individuals who would like to share information, coordinate their efforts, and form collaborations that address the IAS problem. There are already numerous initiatives devoted to invasive species, and INBIPS plans to work with them rather than to create a new and separate activity. INBIPS’ goal is to provide these initiatives with information about the application of DNA barcoding to the IAS problem, and to facilitate new barcoding activities on invasive and pest species. Dr. Shelley Ball ( Lincoln University, New Zealand) and Dr. George Roderick ( University of California Berkeley) are the co-chairs of INBIPS.

If you are interested in participating in this international network, please take a few minutes to fill out a brief survey and send it to Dr. Shelley Ball. Responses will be compiled and posted on this website.



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