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Get Involved in Barcoding!

Barcode Data Standards (pdf, 30Kb)
Learn how to link barcode sequence records to voucher specimens, valid species names and taxonomic publications

Barcode Data Submission Tool (Barstool)
Submit your barcode data directly to GenBank.

Barcode of Life Database (BOLD)
The University of Guelph, Ontario, offers tools to collect, manage, and analyze their DNA barcode data and to submit them to GenBank.

Barcoding Lab Protocols (pdf, 404Kb)
The first set of recommendations for procedures and equipment from CBOL’s DNA Working Group.  New barcoding labs can produce 50K sequences per year by following these protocols.

Barcoding studies in major journals
The last two years have seen a steady increase in the appearance of important DNA barcoding studies

News Room
Read about CBOL in the news or our latest press releases.


First International Barcode Conference Proceedings
The Royal Society has published an issue devoted to the papers presented at the London Barcode Conference (February 2005)

The Barcode Blog
Read and comment about the latest developments in DNA barcoding.

Barcoding Posters
Download or request free copies of CBOL’s informative poster.

Download CBOL’s main logo.

DNA barcoding presentations forr viewing or downloading.

CBOL Meetings
Keep track of future barcode meetings.

Past CBOL Events
Learn about past events and read past meeting reports.

Other Websites
Websites at Rockefeller University, the University of Guelph, the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario, and the Canadian Barcode of Life Network, offer additional information on the Barcode Initiative.

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